Channel 4 Documentary, a propaganda against Sri Lanka

Channel 4’s latest documentary on atrocities during the Sri Lankan civil war might have shocked the world, but it has left the island nation fuming in anger.

Talking to Headlines Today, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s spokesperson Bandula Jayasekara heaped scorn on the documentary saying that Channel 4 was funded by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). He said the latest documentary was a propaganda against the Sri Lankan government.

“LTTE supporters have 5 billion dollars that they are spending for propaganda against the Sri Lankan government. Different factions are controlling this money… Channel 4 is funded by the LTTE. They are even buying the media,” Jayasekara claimed.

“We have a proof of LTTE’s supporters funding the campaign against Sri Lanka. It is an orchestrated campaign… Where were they when our people were being killed,” he asked.

“It is a personal campaign against Sri Lanka, we will prove them wrong. We will do it first for Channel 4… We need the time and space to implement the LLRC report. We will do it. They killed more Tamil leaders, infants were killed. They cut open stomachs of pregnant mothers where were these channels,” Jayasekara asked.

“We never had a war we had terrorism and we defeated them. Don’t forget, these people mastered suicide bombings. They attacked every one. It took 30 years to finish them,” he said.

“We care for Sri Lankan Tamils more than anything else. We want to tell our friends in Tamil Nadu ‘please come and visit us’. Then they will realise the truth… We have excellent relations with India. India is our closest neighbour,” Jayasekara insisted.

Jayasekara said Sri Lanka would want India to take its own decision on the UNHRC vote against the Lankan government over the Tamil rights issue.

Original Post | India Today | March 15 2012


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