Facts about Sri Lanka



Population  21,481,334  (July 2011 est.)

Administrative Regions 9 provinces; Central, Eastern, North Central, Northern, North Western, Sabaragamuwa, Southern, Uva, Western

Chief of state: President Mahinda Percy RAJAPAKSA (since 19 November 2005); note – the president is both the chief of state and head of government; Dissanayake Mudiyanselage JAYARATNE holds the largely ceremonial title of prime minister (since 21 April 2010)
head of government: President Mahinda Percy RAJAPAKSA (since 19 November 2005)
cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the president in consultation with the prime minister
elections: president elected by popular vote for a six-year term; election last held on 26 January 2010 (next to be held in 2016)
election results: Mahinda RAJAPAKSA reelected president for second term; percent of vote – Mahinda RAJAPAKSA 57.88%, Sarath FONSEKA 40.15%, other 1.97%
Political Parties
Democratic National Alliance led by Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna or JVP [Somawansa AMARASINGHE];
Tamil National Alliance led by Illandai Tamil Arasu Kachchi [R. SAMPANTHAN];
United National Front led by United National Party [Ranil WICKREMESINGHE];
United People’s Freedom Alliance led by Sri Lanka Freedom Party [Mahinda RAJAPAKSA]
Political Pressure Groups Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or LTTE [P. SIVAPARAN, Chief of International Secretariat; V. RUDRAKUMARAN, legal advisor]; note – this insurgent group suffered military defeat in May 2009; some cadres remain scattered throughout country, but there have not been any incidents in Sri Lanka since May 2009
other: Buddhist clergy; labor unions; hard-line nationalist Sinhalese groups such as the National Movement Against Terrorism; Sinhalese Buddhist lay groups

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