BBC HardTalk: Prof Rajiva Wijesinha MP, Advisor to the Sri Lankan President

Prof Rajiva Wijesinha, Adviser on Reconciliation to the President, responds on Hard Talk to hard questions about Sri Lanka. In a wide-ranging interview with BBC Stephen Sackur, Prof Wijesinha deals with questions about Sri Lanka raised by recent interventions by Channel 4 as well as a Panel on Accountability appointed by the UN Secretary General.

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Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on ethnicity in Northern Sri Lanka post-war

In my interview with the Secretary of Defence, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, broadcast on the BBC a week ago, his comments on the demography of the North aroused particular interest.

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Sri Lanka ‘war crimes’: Main allegations

Original Post | BBC | June 11 2011

A thin strip of land in northern Sri Lanka was the brutal theatre of war during the closing phase of Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil conflict. Thousands of civilians were hemmed in as the government battled Tamil Tiger rebels fighting for a separate homeland.

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