LTTE chief’s son was brutally shot

The mystery around the last days of the assault on LTTE deepened on Monday after a documentary filmmaker claimed to have a “chilling piece of footage” showing the bullet-ridden body of the son of its slain supremo V Prabakaran, a report described by Colombo as “concocted”.

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Sri Lanka ‘war crimes’: Main allegations

Original Post | BBC | June 11 2011

A thin strip of land in northern Sri Lanka was the brutal theatre of war during the closing phase of Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil conflict. Thousands of civilians were hemmed in as the government battled Tamil Tiger rebels fighting for a separate homeland.

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Times Photographs Expose Sri Lanka’s Lie on Civilian Deaths at Beach

The Times Cover Page, May 29 2009

An investigation by The Times into Sri Lanka’s civilian casualties, however — which was conducted in a week-long visit to Sri Lanka — has found evidence of a civilian death toll of 20,000, almost three times that cited previously. The majority perished under government guns…

Summaries of UN documents leaked this month confirmed almost 7,000 dead in the first four months of the year.

More than 13,000 civilians were killed until May 19, the day after the death of Velupillai Prabakharan, the leader of the Tigers, was announced.

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